It’s no secret that people keep moving to the city in droves for the old-town charm and gorgeous historic homes. However, once you begin ripping out the old walls and plumbing, you likely have already exposed yourself to lingering asbestos.

Unfortunately, the heyday for its use began as far back as the 1930’s and didn’t slow until the late 1990’s. Even today, it still hasn’t gotten outlawed, and you can find it in cement, vinyl, and household products used daily.

Before you unknowingly expose yourself or your family to this common carcinogen, choose us for your professional asbestos testing contractors. No matter where it may stay hiding, we guarantee better results for your home each time that you hire us.

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What many citizens might not realize is that it remains against the law to attempt to remove asbestos without contractors. Not only could you likely expose yourself to hazardous levels of fibers, but you could put your neighbors at risk.

And to add insult to your injuries, the city won’t hesitate to send you fine and fees for your actions. No matter which way that you look at it, attempting to eliminate your lingering asbestos yourself just isn’t worth it.

We strictly follow all guidelines and safety regulations to guarantee an expert quality of care during your removal service visit. Before you create an even more dangerous situation, let the certified professionals on our staff dispose of it for you.


Whether you know that a building contains asbestos construction materials, or you aren’t sure, we can help protect your home. Your best remediation contractors formulate a plan of attack, and then safely prevent future concerns from forming behind your walls.

Our team offers more testing and removal solutions at affordable rates than anyone else. When you need better professional solutions for less, you need our contractors. Get the best Asbestos Abatement Service in New Westminster Area today.

When you need to know that your loved ones stay safe at home, you need us. Choose Vancouver Asbestos Removal Pros for your house.