​Most home builders ceased using asbestos products in their construction projects nearly 40 years ago. And yet, today’s Ladner BC residents are still finding it throughout their house. Unfortunately, many more homeowners continue living with asbestos present in their buildings for years without knowing it’s poisoning them and their loved ones. It isn’t until they hire a South Delta asbestos removal service that they learn that they have remained unsafe. When you need the best in total remediation services for your asbestos, you must call Vancouver Asbestos Pros. We’ve continued providing the best in complete solutions for more area homeowners every day. Whether you’re searching for the expert choice in detection services or you need safer removal options, we provide it all for less each time. Contact us today and keep your home safe from asbestos toxicity.

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Many people purchase an older house, and the first thing that they do is have it completely stripped down. They believe that by being proactive and starting fresh, they can avoid the adverse effects that asbestos creates.
However, if the demolition team that they hired didn’t test for it first, they’re only making your situation worse. When you begin removing the substance from building materials, it goes airborne, making it even more hazardous.
You can’t safely remove what you don’t know stays present. That is why we offer the best in professional asbestos testing to help more area families in remaining protected.
Contact us today to know for sure that your house remains free from harm. No one else achieves better testing results than our team.


Removing toxic materials from your home isn’t as straightforward as cutting it out and tossing it in the trash. Asbestos requires strict safety requirements as well as dedicated disposal efforts to prevent further damage from happening.
Some people may believe that they only need a face mask and some gloves to get to work. However, the particles from asbestos remain microscopic, and removing it incorrectly soon sends it airborne.
Instead, you need us to quickly and safely remove it all from your property, as well as send it to our specialized disposal facility. There, we break it down with a chemical solution and immense heat, keeping it safely away from others.
Asbestos removal services are not something that you can entrust to just anyone. Make sure that you give your home the best in certified removals and keep your family safer for less.


​Whether you’ve already gotten informed that your building contains asbestos, or you still need a professional house inspection, our staff can handle all of your remediation needs. No one else keeps more area families safer from asbestos as our technicians do daily.
Breathing in asbestos fibers soon leads to damaged lungs and developing cancer, making it too toxic to keep around. When you need to know that your house remains free from the threat of asbestos, you need Vancouver Asbestos Pros today.